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Deprive it of pleasure (within the meaning of ejaculation, not within the meaning of pleasure) and you will have a perfect man 24H on 24.

Chastity and belt for manAdvantages for the women

It was able to you to be separated from him a few days or better a few weeks. The meeting again are done seldom directly in the bed, the first contact, after this absence, was thus held either in a public place, a such airport for example, or in the presence of the children or friends and probably you must have patience several hours before only finding you both in the intimacy.

For all this period of waiting, noticed at which point its behavior was more câlin that with the practice: constantly it seeks your contact, its hands are wandering, in a few hours you receive more even furtive kisses that you did not have in one month, it tells you nice words and makes you allusions grivoises. In short, during a few hours, you have the husband of which all the women dream. Then comes the moment from the intimacy, you yield to his impatience, and then it becomes again your husband of the every day.

Seek the error !

In a relation homosexual

It is time to start to speak about chastity or rather at this stage about differed pleasure.

Small bracket to avoid any misunderstanding: if it is condemned to a single orgasm and a long time differed, on the other hand you, you are not it! Take your foot as many once as want it to you!

Perhaps you say yourselves that you will never dare to do that, undeceive, you do not imagine at which point can move back the limits of decency and timidity in these moments.

homosexual relation with Chastity Belt

In a scenario of domination

Your behavior and that of your husband must, with the daily newspaper, to reflect the completely uneven situation which was established between you. Beyond simple obedience, there are behaviors more specific than you must impose to him.

The women often complain about the lack of courtesy, attention, attention of their man. You have there a unique opportunity to make him revise an education with old which it forgot perhaps a little.

Thus require, in all circumstances, the most extreme galantery in your connection, ask him to prepare your bath, to wash you, to mass you (feet and the nape of the neck, hum!).

He should never know with what to expect with you, his uncertainty will increase his dependence.

  scenario of domination

Let us stop there! I am sure that you are now convinced that it is worth to test.

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